Welcome to Natraj Academy

Natraj Academy of Fine art and Animation is proud to have established the first private institute in Pune, Sinhagadh Road . Institute which has come up in 2008, was borne out of the need of the students of this region to express their creativity and provide them with the canvas to etch their potential.
Natraj Academy of Fine art and Animation – Miss. Savita Jog is the director of the institute having 22 years experience , G.D Art (Fine Art), M.A. Art and Painting, Indology, 2D / 3D Animator, Web designer, Interior Designer And 15 year working experience in ad Agency as a Creative Director. And 5 years working experience as a faculty of animation was initially imparting training to students to groom them as professionals in the field of Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Graphic Designing, Animation, Advertising, Packaging, Printing & Photography , Interior Designing through short term courses. Out of these courses and through interaction with the masses.

Natraj Academy of Fine art and Animation offers a period of specialized study to its students in the subject of their choice, besides regular study, creative criticisms and talks by the members of the teaching faculty, by distinguished contemporary artist are also arranged. Outdoor education comprising visits to museums, Art exhibitions, printing units, Newspapers, Scenic spots etc. is a part of the curriculum. Subjects like History of Art and Aesthetic Art, Advertising are thought with visual slides, films and Colored reproductions.

Due to the changes in recent global Market Economy which has highlighted the importance of Advertising and publicity to assist develop in the multinationals and National companies work with fully equipped Advertising Agencies through which they plan their Advertising Campaigns to launch new products, for an effective sales promotion and launching of their products they depend upon reputed Advertising Professionals. Thus our students get jobs as Art Directors, Graphic Designers & Creative Artists, Visualizes, Fine Arts Teachers, web designing, Animation, Game Designing, Advertising Agency, News Papers, Magazines Designing, Schools and Collages and many more.