Fine Arts Courses
Dip. in Fine Arts (Duration: 1 Year)
Cert. Course in Animation Sketching (Duration : 6 months )
Cert. Course in Sketching (Duration : 6 months)
Cert. Course in Oil & Acrylic Painting (Duration : 3/6 Months
Cert. Course in Still Life & Perspective (Duration:3/ 6 Months
Cert. Course in Fashion Sketching (Duration : 3/6 Months)
Cert. Course in Interior Sketching (Duration : 3 to 6 Months)
Cert. Course in Pencil Shading Duration : 3 to 6 Months
Cert. Course in Pencil Shading (Colour) Duration : 3 to 6 Months
Cert. Course in Water Colour (Duration : 3 Months)
Cert. Course in Calligraphy Writing Duration : 3 Months
  Diploma in Applied Art 
Dip. in Applied Arts - (Duration: 1 Year)
  Multimedia Courses
Web Designing - ( Duration : 4 months)
Graphic Designing – ( Duration : 4 Months)
2D Animation– ( Duration : 6 Months)
3D Animation– ( Duration : 8 Months)
Autocad + 3D Max Architectural Walkthrough ( Duration : 3 Months)
  Interior Design 
Dip. in Interior Design - 1 Year

Fashion Design  

Dip. in Fashion Designing – 1 Year
Interior Design  Courses    
Interior designing is all about perfecting you in the art of developing your ideas and creating ambience with convenience and comfort with the use of available resources and offering value utility services to create home office and work place presenting one's own status presentation.
Diploma in Interior Design - 1 Year
• Art & Basic Design in interior designing
• Sketching a Layout Plan in interior designing
• Drawing a Floor Plan
• Building Construction & Materials in interior designing
• Introduction about Material used in Interior designing 
• Furnishing and Fittings
• Wall and Floor Treatment in interior designing  
• Interior Accessories
• Lighting Arrangements in interior designing 
• Furniture design  
• History of Id
• Space Management on interior designing
• Professional Studies and Estimation in interior designing

Computerized Interior Design : Autocad and 3D Max Architectural Walkthrough
Fashion Designing
This one year Fast Track Diploma programme in Fashion Design & clothing Technology emphasizes on practical industry oriented training. This intensive design & technical program emphasizes on the detail knowledge of the subject backed by research & thematic working.
Diploma in Fashion Designing – 1 Year
The basics of all the subjects are imparted as compulsory training to enable a student to be at ease in all the departments of the industry; whereas the specification is offered in the area of interest. The Fashion designing course aims at placing the students in high professional level in the export as well as Domestic market.
  These three modules consist of following subjects:
• General Theory
• Color Scheme
• Fabric Painting
• Hand Embroidery
• Tie & Dye Techniques Sketching & Figure Drawings
• Accessory Designing
• Body Measurements
• Women’s Wear Stitching
• Garment Manufacturing, Quality Control, Draping & Merchandising
•Textile Designing
• Computer Aided Design
• Drafting & Pattern Construction
• Portfolio Presentation
• Final Project
3D Animation– ( Duration : 8 Months)
  •Modelling •Texturing •Rigging •Lighting •Animation •VFX

Software Covered - •3D Max •Maya •After Effects •Z Brush